SCIP App Privacy Statement

EBS Healthcare takes student privacy extremely seriously and only collects the bare minimum of information about application performance.

  1. All information entered into the application (such as a student's name) and generated within the application (such as a student's performance on goals) is stored on the iPad. This information is never transferred over the internet or collected in the cloud.
  2. All metrics that EBS Healthcare receives about the application are collected by the Apple Application Store and are limited to the number of applications sold, the general geographic region (ex., "The United States"), and aggregate data regarding application use such as the number of installations, number of times the application is used each day, and general device information. The Apple Application Store also provides information about application crashes to aid in improving application performance.
  3. Users are strongly encouraged to use iPad security settings such as passwords to secure their data.
  4. The SCIP application requires very little student information be entered into the application. For example, users can enter full names, first names, initials or any other way of identifying their students.
  5. SCIP does not collect identifying information such as the student's or user's age, address, phone number, or email address. Similarly, the application does not collect information such as a student's diagnoses.
  6. Users can, but are not required to, enter notes regarding student performance into the application. Other than the user purposely emailing or printing this information, these notes are never transferred from the iPad.